Equipment List

Doosan horizontal mill at NTL Industries

Doosan NHP 5000

-horizontal mill with twin 500mm pallets and separate loading station

-High speeds with rapids up to 2400 ipm

-Loaded with 60 tools, renishaw probing and 15k spindle

Doosan dnm 5700s vertical mill at NTL Industries

Doosan DNM 5700S

-vertical mill with 40 tools, renishaw probing and 15k spindle

– High speed machining with rapids near 1500 ipm

– 120” X 40” X 34” work area

Haas VF3SS CNC Mill

Our Haas Department has a VF3 table size 40 x 20 x 26(height) and loaded with VPS software, Reinshaw probing system, Flood coolant, rigid tapping, and 31 tool holder, and wired for the 4-axis.

CNC Worker

Mazak QTN300M

NTL Industries’ Lathe Department is taken over by our CNC controlled Lathe 2″ thru hole 8″ 3-jaw chuck , 10″ 4-jaw chuck 12″ max turn and 60″

Mazak 100-IIM Lathe

This CNC lathe is equipped with live tooling, a 6″ collet, 6″ chuck and a 12′ bar feeder that can handle a 1/2-2″ bar size.

Mill Department

Mill Department

Our manual mill department has two machines.

  1.  Accurite Mill Power 3-axis 9″ x 48″ table work envelope of 10″ x 90″
  2. Prototrak Mill 2 axis CNC controlled.

Saw Department

In our saw department we have a roll-in saw to cut material. We also have a chop saw as well to get the job done.

CNC Plasma Cutter & Welding Department

Our CNC Plasma Cutter works day in and day out for our customers. We have the ability to make brackets and do the necessary machine work in one place.

Deburr Tumbler

Deburr Tumbler 300DB

Our Deburring Tumbler helps us get more done in less time. With this machine we get perfectly deburred, finished and clean parts.

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